The fUNSoftWare PROJECT   


fUNSoftWare is an iconic language that can be used to program the RCX1 or the RCX2 of Lego Mindstorm Robots. It provides an alternative to Robolab, with many original features, such as:
  • a video tutorial for first time users
  • icons designed to avoid redundancy (one function, one icon), and inclusion of all relevant attributes, whose values can be easily set
  • automatic wiring of icons, which guarantees syntactic correctness of programs at any stage of their development, and successful compilation
  • a clear representation of programming structures like loops, that facilitates the visualisation of the control flow; more generally, an optimal layout of the program being developed, with automatic support for inserting, deleting or substituting icons or parts of the program
  • a modular approach to programming where subroutines are created and used with dedicated icons
  • a powerful mechanism for creating and using arithmetic expressions
  • automatic generation of clean and well documented NQC code, that makes it easy to learn text-based programming, from the experience gained with iconic-based programming
  • all the desirable features of a user friendly interface, such as contextual help, keyboard shortcuts, etc.
  • much more...

Contact: Thomas Legowo (, Eric Martin (

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